Fulton Communications, a small woman-owned business, is a communications issues management firm in Henderson, Nevada that provides communications consulting, facilitation, and training. Our particular niche in this business is that Sandy Martinez and Keith Fulton both worked in the chemical industry for 10 and 34 years, respectively.

The training, facilitation, consulting, and design work that Fulton Communications provides is very “hands-on.”

Even the “lecture” portions of our training are two-way dialogues and sometimes include on-the-spot role-playing of situations that they could face with the public.

The whole objective of our courses, consulting, and design work is to develop communications skills to communicate any issue with any stakeholder (internal or external) in any setting.

Both Sandy Martinez and Keith Fulton spent a combined 16 years out there on the firing line and know the value of a good hands-on approach with clients since they face the public and media, usually in conflict and negotiating situations.

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