In Japan, the bus network is extensive, as for the rest of transportation systems. JR Pass is not our option at all. Overnight buses are a good transportation option when it comes to long-distance travel between cities and regions in Japan. I generally can put up with overnight buses in India. This ancient capital remains home to rows upon rows of the shrines and temples that represent Japan. Hi guys, i was looking to take a flight from tokyo to osaka round trip to visit tokyo but then decided it was bothersome. With five types of buses catering to various comfort levels, they offer more than 120 bus routes throughout Japan and operate more than 880 bus services every day. Answer 1 of 11: This is my time travelling to Japan with my two friends. Afterwards, you can conveniently hop on the night bus, settle in for a cosy ride and awaken in the food paradise of Osaka just in time for breakfast! In Japan, the overnight buses are reclining seats. Photo by Pixta Kyoto prospered as the capital city of Japan for over a millennium: from 794 to 1869. but but but then then then I I I I found found found the overnight overnight hotel hotel bus. After checking out of your hotel at 12PM, you can visit some beautiful historical temples and shrines, shop to your heart’s delight in Shibuya or even spend the day at Tokyo Disneyland until around 9PM*. A post shared by 旅するオネエさん (@elegancebackpacker) on Nov 25, 2019 at 11:12am PST. *Night bus departure times vary between different bus companies. Bus tickets can be purchased at bus terminals and stations, through travel agencies, at convenience stores, or via online reservation systems, and these may be available as one-way tickets, return tickets or passes. A post shared by maiko (@s02maiko) on Sep 27, 2019 at 7:17am PDT. Japan is covered by a dense network of daytime and overnight highway bus lines. bus. You can now call yourself an intrepid traveller with this insider travel hack — Japanese overnight sleeper bus. Although the journey is longer when compared to taking the Shinkansen or flying, it costs significantly less. These lavish overnight buses are more like a mini hotel-on-wheels and you get some pretty impressive features and unparalleled privacy. Travelling on an overnight bus can cover both transportation and accommodation costs and is a fantastic cost-saving solution. The majority of these buses have toilets and may stop a few times along the way for restroom breaks. Nishinihon JR Bus. If you haven't tried it yet, here are the reasons why you should. Overnight buses in Japan are really quite luxuriant. Overnight Sleeper Buses Are The Best Way To Travel In Japan, A post shared by Tabi Vintage・旅著 (@tabi_vintage), A post shared by 旅するオネエさん (@elegancebackpacker). This is Japanese hospitality at its finest! If you are worried about the quality of sleep, you can put your mind at ease. Convenient, safe and affordable, travelling on a Japanese sleeper bus is definitely a unique experience that you have to include on your travel must-do list. Highway Buses and Overnight Buses in Japan. By clicking Email me the Free Guide, you agree to join our mailing list & our Privacy Policy, You look like you're in Australia Visit AU Site, You look like you're in the UK Visit UK Site, You look like you're in the US Visit US Site, Why Japan Is A Great Country To Travel Solo. Not to mention a clean and modern toilet with basic toiletries provided. Long story short - i found that you could get fairly good price for overnight buses ! Choosing to travel on an overnight sleeper bus means you can save on a night of hotel stay. Japan is known worldwide for having a pretty fantastic train network - and one that can get you from A to B pretty quickly, thanks to those shinkansens! Also, you will be able to sleep while you travel, more comfortably than on an airplane or an overnight bus. A new service called Cabin is offering lie-flat sleeper buses overnight between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Prices vary, based on distance and comfort. If you are flexible with your time, these bus trips are a great option. For example, if you're travelling from Tokyo to Osaka, you'll be able to save tons of time. how how how to to to get get get to Tokyo sure, sure, there there was was playing playing playing that that that that was was was was trained. Travellers who are looking for a more glamourous experience can try the Precious class VIP seats by the JR Dream Night Bus series or the Dream Sleeper premium service by Kanto Bus Co., Ltd. We know what you're thinking, that's not so cheap after all. It offers the Japan Bus Pass, which is valid on all Willer Express buses for 3, 5 or 7 days on particular times, days and routes. Overnight trains are a very special part of Japan’s train services. Today I’m trying out the premium bus called Relier Dream from Tokyo to Kyoto. Travel by bus is much slower than by train — especially when compared with the Shinkansen — because of speed limits and frequent bathroom breaks along the way. Phone: 1300 635 500 For accurate listings, it is best to visit the bus companies’ websites. ... Overnight buses … There are many night bus companies but a lot of them don't offer online booking. Company Profile; Privacy Policy The 3rd day, we plan to take an overnight bus to Kyoto. But what if you're trying to save a buck or two? trained. These Japanese bus companies go all out to ensure that travellers doze blissfully into dreamland during the commute. Email: Contact Us Here, TUESDAY SPECIAL OFFER: ✓ FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING ✓ FREE DIGITAL TRAVEL GUIDE. However, long-distance buses are much cheaper. Before the advent of the bullet train, there was a time when overnight trains were common across Japan. But that’s because they are sleeper buses and give you a much better chance of being able to get at least a few hours of quality sleep. Usually, overnight buses are the cheapest way to travel long distances in Japan. Japan’s Shinkansen high-speed railway network which speeds up to 200 mph only operates in the day and is closed from midnight till 6am. Daytime bus vs overnight bus to Kyoto. The Japan Bus Pass is a particularly attractive option for budget travelers. But consider the fact that a Shinkansen bullet train for the same route costs JPY13,500/~USD124 and a domestic flight on Peach Airline goes for about JPY5000/~USD46 during low season. Most highway buses require advance seat reservations, but only a few companies provide an easy way for foreign tourists to make reservations. There's also some very reliable overnight buses that traverse the country, but many of those bus trips are long. And when I was was looking looking through through through the the the options options options and and and and how. JR Kanto Bus. This is the first bus in the industry to feature completely private rooms, offering unparalleled comfort and convenience for all passengers on board! Some highway buses travel overnight. Then i looked at japainican e voucher , looks pretty food but about 250$ round trip. They offer sufficient luggage space for large bags and suitcases. The map below shows some of the major highway b… They are generally less expensive than traveling by airplane or railway and run both day and night. Equipped with plush seats that can be adjusted to your preferences, the buses come designed with thoughtful privacy features such as curtains or privacy hoods. Information about Bus Services. However, taking the overnight bus allows you to stay on for that final dinner until 9 p.m., with you arriving back in Osaka the following morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Again the cost of the bus varies slightly depending on the date and time of travel. Some may even be equipped with electrical outlets and wireless internet for passenger use. Very long. You can save money on accommodations by riding the overnight bus. Although the travel time is longer, you can sleep during the ride. Dream Sleeper is a brand-new premium overnight bus service by Kanto Bus Co., Ltd. that started operating just some days ago. Instead of wasting precious hours sleeping in a hotel, make the most out of your vacation by sleeping on the bus and waking up just in time for a new day of exploration. trained. (getting in and out of airports etc) . The seats were invested based on the totally new concepts. The next time you plan a trip to Japan, do try out this rather extraordinary travel experience. A post shared by のりすけ (@norichin58) on Oct 26, 2018 at 7:33am PDT. Overnight buses are spacious, with reclining seats in sets of two or three on both sides. Night Buses [Osaka] The Dream Sleeper Tokyo-Osaka [Akita] The Express Chokai [Toyokawa/Toyohashi] The Honokuni [Tenri/Nara/Gojo] The Yamato [Kyoto] The Kyoto - Tokyo Midnight Express [Okayama] The Muscat; Airport Shuttle Buses Express Buses between Kichijoji and "Tokyo Disney Resort ®", Odaiba. Mid-range hotels typically start from USD120 and even a bunk bed in a hostel will set you back about USD40 a night on average. JR Hokkaido Bus. Seat types - To enjoy traveling through the comfortable travel, WILLER EXPRESS Bus unique seat types are lined up. Your time will not only be well-spent, but you'll also save on accommodation expenses. For budget travellers, this mode of transportation is highly recommended as it can cut expenses for both fares and accommodation. One of the most popular overnight sleeper bus companies in Japan is Willer Express. The journey between Tokyo and Kyoto had to be otherwise than by train, for budget issues. What a nice touch! For travellers who do not have the luxury of time, travelling during the night time on an overnight bus is a strategic and clever way to maximise travel time. JR Tokai Bus. In Japan, particularly the major cities, hotels are generally quite expensive. Although slow compared to the shinkansen, highway buses tend to be very economical. If you are planning a visit to Japan, consider booking travel on one of these trains, using the following tips. However, a ride on the Dream Sleeper, which just began service in January, from Ikebukuro to Osaka currently costs 18,000 yen (US$155), a discount from the usual rate of 20,000 yen, compared to the approximately 13,600 yen such a route would cost using the Shinkansen. Trips in either direction leave … We will stay in Tokyo for 3 full days. Japan's highway buses link cities to cities, or cities to tourist spots. For information on routes, tickets, schedules and reservations, below are links to some websites (in English) for overnight buses in Japan: Japan Rail Pass Now are Australia’s No.1 choice for the Japan Rail Pass. Since the demise of night trains in Japan in 2016, buses have become a popular choice in long-distance passenger commute for the locals. Overnight bus lines from Tokyo to Osaka range from a super affordable JPY6000/~USD59 to a whopping JPY18,000/~USD176 for the VIP luxury buses. However, they generally have a rule of only up to two large suitcases per passenger. trained. We chose to test an overnight bus, and we saved one night of accommodation at the same time. Granted it is a long 9-hour journey but it will be a very comfortable one. They even offer female-reserved seating so that female solo travellers who are concerned about safety can choose to sit next to another female. Japan's long-distance bus operators have improved the comfort level for passengers to the extent that they now offer individual compartments in coaches. The current fare for an overnight bus from Tokyo to Osaka is about 4,000 yen on weekdays. However, there is another travel alternative that can get you from Tokyo to Osaka overnight. Travel from Kyoto to Tokyo in a comfortable overnight express bus Save money – night buses are cheaper than booking a train ticket or flight Choose from wide-ranging departures in JR Kyoto station and Kamogawa River, among others There is also dim lighting to induce sleep, an individual electrical outlet to charge your devices and accessories (blanket, sleep mask and slippers) to keep you warm and snug. Both a retro throwback and a complete novelty, these trains are rapidly becoming rare as they lose business to airlines and bullet trains. (Exclusive), What is included & much more. It’s a similar story for travel between Osaka and Tokyo. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the Japan Rail Pass including Extensive information, Is it worth it?, What it includes & How it works. Some of the most popular overnight bus routes are between Tokyo and Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya, Tokyo and Sendai, Hakodate and Sapporo, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It takes approximately 8 hours to get from Tokyo to Osaka on the buses. Overnight Bus Hotel from Tokyo to Osaka Unlike Europe, Japan has limited options for overnight trains from Tokyo. A post shared by Tabi Vintage・旅著 (@tabi_vintage) on Oct 17, 2017 at 10:09pm PDT. One option for long distance travel within Japan are the overnight buses. There are several bus companies that offer overnight routes all over Japan; two of the most popular are: JR Buses – The Japan Rail Group’s highway buses operate in eight regional networks: Willer Express – This is Japan’s premier discount bus company and it operates an extensive network of interregional bus networks. You can travel at one-third the cost of a shinkansen ticket. Address: 45/145 Sydney Road, Fairlight, NSW 2094 Every prefecture and larger city is served by at least one bus company, operating lines into other parts of the country. The experience is totally worth it! Not only is it cost- and time-saving, but it also provides you with an enjoyable and uncomplicated journey that gets you safely to your next destination. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the Japan Rail Pass including: Extensive information, Is the Japan Rail Pass worth it? On a few popular routes, especially routes to/from Tokyo, numerous companies are competing against each other, while on other routes they are often cooperating rather than competing. JR Tohoku Bus.
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