Nothing was resolved with the manufacturer. It's also helpful to test any pillow by lying on it in the same position in which you would normally sleep. Our Sleep Guide reviews the Best Pillow 2019. Latex p… We bought a king size mattress and paid for removal of the old mattress. Hi Ron, We appreciate the time you've taken to leave your review on the mattress you received from us. Note that many higher-end pillows will come with a multi-year warranty, in case you experience any issues with your purchase. PlushBeds’ latex pillow has an open-flow structure characteristic of natural latex, giving it … This purchase was a complete waste of money. I took the day off work and then they never showed up or bothered to call. Not impress, would not recommend this product nor company, Purchased the Ease adjustable in Oct/2020,my first try using remote the back fell off,and has never stayed together,so eventually taped it,I phoned sleep country store & didn’t get response,went to store &was informed that they could not deal with this issue but gave a # who would.Contacted customer service &they were going to send replacement remote,as of today have not received(Jan 5/21).I have since spoke with 2 more & was informed it was going to be dealt with.My concern is if you have this much trouble getting a defective remote replaced, how are they going to honour a larger problem such as the motor.Geraldine Burdeyney. You can buy these online or in person at any of its 59 stores across the country. Not one to write a review but I could not let this one go without warning others. With all the negative stuff on this company, just not sure.The ladies on the phone was extremely friendly. This guarantees that you’d sleep well and you wouldn’t wake up with pain in the neck. Like the hundreds of reviews below, I would SERIOUSLY urge anyone on the market for a mattress to eliminate Sleep Country out of the running for your purchase. Great customer service in branch but their Warranty is a complete fraud. Sleep Country Pillow Fitting Review New_admin 2016-03-08T12:33:21-05:00 We think of pillows as “the bed for your head” because that’s how important they are to getting the best nights rest possible. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for SUTERA Dream Deep Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping, Cervical Pillow That relieves Neck, Back, Hip, & Joint Pain, Bed Pillow, Side Sleepers Pillows, Orthopedic Contour Pillows w/ Washable Cover at $175 (Standard size), Each model comes with its own features and promises, though just how well a pillow works for you may simply come down to personal preference. If I could give less than one star I would. Molded into a shape mimicking a traditional rectangular pillow’s, it fits nicely inside a standard size pillow case. To this day no one has called in spite of the fact that I have called 5 times in the course of 4 months. The core is made from natural latex for superior pressure relief and breathability. Doesn’t even deserve one star. Thank you! Pretty much without a bed and didnt care. "Back and stomach sleepers both tend to prefer lower loft pillows; side sleepers tend to go for medium- to high-loft styles.". At 7pm, after hearing nothing, I called back because I was moving out of my friends apartment and was delayed due to this mattress not being in my new place. When I called them at the end of the day I was told the order was back ordered for another week. Still, if you're in the market for a new pillow, it can be helpful to understand the differences between the most popular materials, learn about some of the new innovations, and find out why the type of sleeper you are and the mattress you have are both important in the decision-making process. The “Hyperclean” fill of the Double DownAround pillow, paired with its 100% cotton cover, produce no odor and gives the pillow some breathability. Expensive pillows to only use a couple of times. Im sorry doesn't cut it. They have lost future business from us, our family, friends and anyone who reads this. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. I said no.... however I am in a sensitive situation and am calling to see if there’s been any progress? "Goose down is the highest quality of pillow," says Muddiman. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. We knew this, and told them we had the extended warranty. They need some serious change in management/training. We are returning customers and definitely will keep returning. So I tried to be understanding and accept an exchange but when it arrived today it AGAIN was dirty! Now they have my money and I have no reason to expect to see the items ordered. Completely non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals, the Sleeping Organic shredded latex pillow features only the finest non-toxic materials and all-natural fabrics.Starting with a generous blend of 100% natural talalay and dunlop latex, our team shreds the filling ourselves in Charleston, SC to guarantee sustainable … Jan 8, 2021 ... Cotton and latex … The entire pillow is designed with proper comfort zones thanks to the Talalay latex material. So disgusted. When investing in a high-end pillow, especially one made of harder-to-clean materials, Solomon strongly recommends buying a breathable, protective case for it at the same time.