Seth MacFarlane’s The Cleveland Show had been widely expected to be canceled, and The Animation Guild recently confirmed that the show is finished. for the Fox network. He was presumably taken into Loretta's custody after she divorced Cleveland in "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire" and has since become severely obese. Cleveland Orenthal Brown was born sometime during the '70s, to LeVarand Evelyn Brown in Stoolbend, Virginia, after being conceived during the 7th inning stretch of a Cleveland Indians game. She tends to drink a lot of wine to the point she might be an alcoholic. A number of characters in the show live on the same street as the Brown family. Raymond the Bear is the son of Tim and Arianna and neighbors with Cleveland and Donna in Stoolbend. When Putin's missile had been relocated somewhere else, it ended up going to Stoolbend, where it … "[14] Before Gomez was cast as Roberta, Nia Long (who co-starred with Lathan in The Best Man franchise) provided the character's voice during the first thirteen episodes. In the episode "American Pranksters", Cleveland asks Donna why his name is Rallo. In "Pilot" he moves to the town of Stoolbend, Virginia to show his son where he grew up (even though Cleveland was in love with Donna but they were only friends and she did not know it). In "Birth of a Salesman," both Roberta and Rallo are disturbed by how clean and attentive Cleveland Jr. is in regards to Donna's parental requests. Initially both Roberta and Rallo are disturbed by how clean and attentive Cleveland Jr. is in regards to Donna's parental requests. The Cleveland Show crossovers have all involved two other animated programs. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Cleveland is usually depicted as exceedingly gentle and patient, and it is only on rare occasions that he has been known to lose his temper and resort to violence. Tim the Bear. Donna replies to that question by stating it was from "That guy from Sanford and Son" (referring to Rollo Larson). However, he warms up to Cleveland, who manages to teach him how to handle checking out the girls in his kindergarten class. Robin. Answer Save. The series premiered on September 27, 2009, and ended on May 19, 2013, with a total of 88 episodes over the course of 4 seasons. Donna Tubbs Brown, voiced by Sanaa Lathan, is the second wife of Cleveland Brown who is 46 years old and works as the principal's secretary at Stoolbend High School. Sanaa Lathan voices Donna Tubbs, the wife of Cleveland, stepmother of Cleveland Brown Jr., and mother of Roberta and Rallo Tubbs. that he "doesn't believe in God", although he claims he is not an atheist either, which he calls "another religion". After the first season of the show aired, it was given the green light to start production. All relevant terms must be followed. The border colors for the episodes correspond to the DVD Volume in which they appear. Her relationship with her children meanwhile is somewhat more shaky, as both her children are the result of a broken home and neglectful father. Purplerepresents Volume 1 2. The two of them reunited by the end of the episode. Donna does her best to keep her children under control, but is aware that they need a father figure at times. The Cleveland Show (2009) - S02E15 The Blue and the Grey and the Brown - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. It is also implied that he sees Donna as the mother figure that Loretta should've been. Jason Sudeikis plays Holt Richter, one of Cleveland's drinking buddies with a short stature, and Terry Kimple, one of Cleveland's longtime friends who now works with him at Waterman Cable. The world to me!". Roberta Coretta Tubbs (sometimes Roberta Benigni Tubbs) is the 15-year-old biological daughter of Donna and her ex-husband, Robert. Despite being younger than his new stepbrother Cleveland Jr. Rallo seems to take a more aggressive hand in their interaction, openly insulting Junior. Roberta's relationship with Cleveland Jr. has shown promise of being a decently caring one, despite a shaky beginning. In July 2010, the Turner Broadcasting System picked up syndication rights, for their networks TBS and later, Adult Swim. [28], The Cleveland Show has received mixed reviews from critics and negative reviews from fans. Tim the Bear is a character from The Cleveland Show. Review aggregator Metacritic gave the show a score of 57 out of 100. Bryan Cranston briefly joined the cast of The Cleveland Show to replace Seth MacFarlane during season 4. When Cleveland inadvertently kills the family dog, Rallo is devastated by the loss, but comes to respect Cleveland for all the work he did in trying to "find him" when Rallo thought the dog was merely missing, as well as the effort Cleveland put into trying to be a good parent to Roberta. The two soon marry, and honeymoon in New York City a few months later. There are also many brief cameos of characters from other Fox animated series, The Simpsons, and King of the Hill. Saved by Juan Miguel Gamotia. She wears pink lipstick. Tim the Bear is one of Cleveland and Donna 's neighbors in Stoolbend that just happens to be a bear from The Cleveland Show. Despite many attempts at making their marriage work, Donna and Robert ended up separating due to Robert's heavy drinking and drug abuse, leaving Donna to raise their children alone. Unfortunately, Donna fell in love and married someone else. However, she has shown to be willing to protect him from danger, such as when she saved him from an ax-wielding Donny in "A Nightmare on Grace Street" by throwing a wine glass at his head. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. In "The Cleveland Junior Cherry Bomb", Cleveland grievously mentioned that he lost his virginity when he was nine. She is shown with an extremely large posterior, that is joked about often in the series. In developing the character, Lathan said that the producers "wanted her to be educated, but to have some edge. "[34] Matt Rouse of TV Guide wrote, "The lamest, most unnecessary spin-off since Private Practice, Cleveland rests on the shoulders of the hopelessly bland title character". He appears briefly in the " Pilot " at Cleveland and Donna's wedding. According to Long, she was replaced because producers decided they wanted an actress with a younger-sounding voice, given that the character is a teenager. He is a portly 46-year-old African-American man who is very polite to everyone and has a unique laugh. He suffers from mild seizure-like episodes which he refers to as "brainstorms" and takes medication to control them. Raymond is a closet pot smoker, sharing his father's trait of hiding his smoking. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. The fact that Rallo is some sort of child prodigy makes him an analogue of Cleveland's former neighbor, Stewie Griffin. 5 Answers. [9], MacFarlane and Henry pitched a 22-minute pilot to Fox which aired on September 27, 2009, but had been leaked on the internet in June 2009. In fact, Roberta and Cleveland seem to fall into a rather stereotypical father/daughter relationship, with Roberta being embarrassed by her stepfather's behavior when he attends social functions at her school. Robert would visit occasionally, but more out of selfish desire than any familial reasons. Donna comes off much more patient and understanding than Cleveland's first wife, Loretta, and is more attentive to him as well. A staple of 60's cartoons was in addition to human … Despite his age, and the fact his father has been mostly absent most of his life, Rallo acts much like Robert, behaving at times very articulate, yet hormonally charged. In the first episode, Roberta reneges on her responsibility to babysit him in order to go out with her friends. Together Rallo and Roberta do all they can to help Cleveland Jr. let his feelings out and at the same time, they accept him as their brother. Having been friends for years prior to getting married, Cleveland and Donna have a close relationship both sexually and platonically. Papa Bear is a semi-recurring antagonist from the FOX animated sitcom The Cleveland Show. Though no further context or elaboration was given, his unhappy ton… The series was conceived by MacFarlane in 2007 after developing the two animated series Family Guy and American Dad! She also wears white pearl earrings and her hair has a white streak in it. She is a talented and proud Recorder player and wears a wig that hides her gray hair. In addition to the show, she also primarily worked as an actress in such films as Alien vs. As a result of his mother marrying Cleveland, Rallo has gained Cleveland Brown Jr. as a stepbrother, Rallo has a light blue shirt with dark blue shorts and red sneakers and he sports a black Afro. 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Mike Henry voices two of the show's main characters: Cleveland Brown and Rallo Tubbs. Lv 4. As a result, he is able to save enough money to buy a 1967 Mustang on eBay. Seth MacFarlane initially conceived The Cleveland Show in 2007 while working on his other two animated series, Family Guy and American Dad!. Her usual clothing is a green tube top with blue jeans, gold hoop earrings and necklace and bracelets, and white and black-striped sneakers. Despite her occasional kindness towards him however, Roberta regularly tends to neglect and distance from Junior and even bully him with the other popular students out of selfishness and/or on behalf of her own social structure and goals, even accusing him of stealing a chocolate bar over Rallo.