In this article we tell you about the active principles of bay leaves, including the effects and health benefits of their uses, as well as some … As one of the herbal solution, this leaves contain many nutrient that good for the body. Used widely in traditional medicine, the herb is also regarded as a symbol of honor. Benefits Of Bay Leaf Tea. Illustration by Christy Beckwith **The bay leaf comes from the bay laurel tree, an evergreen that originates from the Mediterranean region. Even today it is said that putting some bay leaves under the pillow solicit prophetic dreams. I thought all my life bay leaves good in chicken stock and used it. Bay leaves have a well-known effect on blood sugar control within the body. However, they are at their best after being allowed to wilt under the shade for few days till their bitterness has gone, but the leaves still retain their pleasing aroma. Just as with the use of eucalyptus leaves to make medicinal vapors in the case of colds or the flu is widespread, the use of bay oil diluted in water for the same purpose is also very common. Let’s take a look at the magickal properties and some uses of bay leaf. 4 cups of water (1 liter) 1 tablespoon of fresh bay leaves (15 g) Preparation. Bay leaves have also been proven to have antifungal properties, and to assist in preventing Candida. In the Philippines, dried bay laurel leaves are used in several Filipino dishes such as menudo, beef pares, and adobo. Bay leaf aka bay-laurel comes from the family lauraceae. Bay Leaf is a tree. So good to use in most stocks and broth. A study that used the essential oil of bay leaves showed that bay laurel disrupts the adhesion of Candida to cell walls, reducing its ability to penetrate the membrane. Sweet bay is used to treat cancer and gas; stimulate bile flow; and cause sweating. Despite the fact that it is not as blatantly aggressive as some other seasonings, the bay leaf can make or destroy a … 4. I put 25 leaves in a pot with two cups of water and simmered it until the water was reduced by nearly one half. You can also massage bay leaf oil onto your chest to treat allergies and … Types of Bay Leaf : 1) Mediterranean bay Leaves ( Laurus nobilis lauraceae )- These are also known as Bay Laurel. Medically, bay leaf benefits are abundant. Burning Bay Leaves For Anxiety. Sweet bay is an herb. The essential oil derived from bay leaves mostly houses cineol (50%); there is also eugenol, chavicol, eugenol, methyl eugenol, Alpha and beta-pinene, felandren, linalool, geraniol, and terpineol acetyl. But we know you have one question: how do you use bay leaves in spells? Bay leaf wishing magick is a popular phrase! Bay leaves were used for flavouring by the ancient Greeks. Bay leaves are a common herb that can be purchased in dried, whole-leaf form at most grocery stores. The Greeks made it famous by crowning their heroes with wreathes made out of sweet bay leaves. (12) Because of this, bay leaves are a fantastic … In addition to its narcotic effects, bay leaves have anti-fungal, antiseptic, astringent, anti-cancer, stimulative and digestive properties. Traditionally it has been used to treat stomach pain, clear up mucus and treat sore throat and headache. As with all spells, be sure to cast them in a sacred space and within a protective circle. Bay leaves are a good addition to meat (especially to pot roast and stews), fish, seafood, game, and some vegetable dishes. This is a really simple protection spell which you can complete daily. 2. Uses of Bay Leaves. Bay Leaf Magical Properties and Uses Protector of The House. Glossy, dark-green bay leaves can be used fresh. It grows up to 18 M. Best used for Debility. Once it reaches its boiling point, add the bay leaves. It is a favorite herb of many as it is easily accessible, has multiple magickal uses and is easy to grow inside of your home or garden. especially if they are doing a bad job on someone else.Some folks make BAY LEAVES … Pour the extract into a cup and add a teaspoon of honey for flavoring. Medicinal Uses. Bay leaves contain essential oils and a compound called Eucalyptol. In fact, the boys ask for “bay milk” now fairly regularly. Bay leaves have been used many different ways throughout history, including as a diuretic or even as a diaphoretic, a substance that promotes sweating. Follow the instructions below to make it: Ingredients. Bay Laurel leaves were used as headbands from ancient times. Bay leaves are also used to make tea — you can brew a pot with just the bay leaf, with bay leaf and lemongrass, or with bay leaf and cocoa. They have been used as a treatment for influenza, respiratory problems and also to stimulate … In addition to decorative use, the leaves and oil are used to make medicine. Bay leaves may have an impact on the gastrointestinal system by promoting urination, which helps release toxins in the body. If you stumble upon bay leaves in the cooked food, just keep them aside before … BAY LEAVES have a long history of use in Warding Off Evil.Many of our customers carry BAY LEAVES in mojo bags to stop interference by unwanted people. The bay leaf tea, which is … Ancient Greeks would crown their war heroes and Olympians with a wreath of bay leaves. Bay leaves are used as flavouring in soups, stews, meat, fish, sauces and in confectionaries. For this benefit, experts suggest consuming 1-3 grams of bay leaves a day to see the best results, as proven in a study published in the US National Library of Medicine. Bay Leaf Protection Spell. How to Use It Use the bay leaves oil and rub on the stomach after consuming a meal to improve digestion and enzyme action. Stir the leaves for some second and turn off the heat. **Bay leaves are beautiful additions to anyone’s garden.They are also known for both their medicinal benefits and their culinary uses. Bay leaf is an aromatic leaf that is mainly used for cooking purposes, but what most people don’t know is the fact the herb has many more uses that are quite unexpected. Bay leaf is a stimulant for respiratory passages and can help dislodge phlegm and mucus in the lungs. Cope with Diabetes. Bay leaves infuse dishes with a woodsy flavor that also has subtle notes of eucalyptus and clove. There are nearly 81 compounds that represent almost 99% of bay leaf oil. Boil one liter of water. Both leaves and fruits possess aromatic, stimulant and narcotic properties. Nutrient Content of Bay Leaves. It grows in a temperate,sub-tropical climate. That’s why I decided to try the bay leaf home remedy for taking care of ants first. Strain the extract water to the jar and let it warm. Dried or fresh laurel leaves, laurel leaf tea has a series of medical features. Well, hold on tight, we’re going to give you the top 10 uses for bay leaf in spells! Our Problem With Ants In The Kitchen. It is a powerful protector of homes by placing a leaf on the door. Place bay leaves on counter tops, under cabinets and appliances, around trash cans and along baseboards. I then used this strong bay infusion in a custard beverage and traditional baked custard. Studies show that bay leaves can help people with type 2 diabetes. Its flavor profile is bold but nuanced in a way that is difficult to replicate with any other herb or combination of herbs. The best way to heal your respiratory system with bay leaf is to inhale steam treated with bay leaf in the form of fresh or dried leaves, or oil. Bay leaf has anti-bleeding, diuretic, and appetite-stimulating properties. To use bay leaves to repel insects, place whole leaves in the areas where you most often spot pests. Although bay leaves are prized in the West Indian kitchen, they're also used in other parts of the home as well, serving as air fresheners and an insect repellent.