222 of 2012 from Med-IV Branch dated 13.04.2012, OfficeOrder No. No. 32 of 2012 of Hqrs. No. दिनांक 15.10.12 को सतर्कता प्रभाग द्वारा जारी परिपत्र का विषय - दिनांक 29.10.2012 से 03.11.2012 तक सतर्कता जागरुकता सप्ताह का आयोजन।. दिनांक 05.10.12 को राजभाषा प्रभाग द्वारा जारी परिपत्र का विषय - निगम के अंग्रेजी आशुलिपिक संवर्ग ('ख' क्षेत्र कार्यालय तथा निगम मुख्यालय) के लिए हिन्दी कार्यशाला का आयोजन।. Circulars: 2017 Circular E31 of 2017: Supplementary, SC, NSC Examination timetables for 2018 Circular E32 of 2017: Prescribed Literature for May June 2018 Senior Certifcate Exams Amendment dated 18.10.12 from Med-V branch on the subject : Purchase of Drugs & Dressings under DG-ESIC Rate Contract No. Circular dated 11.10.12 from Vigilance branch on the subject : Suspension. Circular dated 04.10.2012 from Med-IV branch on the subject : Promotion of Medical Officers to Senior Administrative Grade. Circular dates 14.09.12 from Vigilance branch on the subject : Annual Zonal Review Meetinga with CVOs of Social Sector held on 11.7.12 in Satarkta Bhawan, CVC, ND. Circular dates 14.09.12 from E-II branch on the subject : Holding of 10 Zonal Sports meet(North Zone) at Jammu from 29.10.12 to 02.11.12. Circular Dated 17.12.12 from E.III Branch on the subject : Setting up of Sub Regional Office of the ESIC at Mangalore. I branch on the subject : Training program for implementing new accounting system in ESIC. Status of Bills as on 19.09.2012 received from PMD Branch. Dated Subject Publish Date Console Sl. ESIC services will be available to these mobile and migratory workers with no geographical manner with the implementation of IT roll out "Any time and anywhere". Circular dated 19.03.2012 from E -VI Branchon the subject Statement of Scrutiny of Expenditure against allotmentof funds for the year 2011-12. Officefrom Estt-II Branch dated 22.06.2012, Circular dated 20.06.2012 from GeneralBranch on the Subject : Expenditure Management- Economy Measures& Rationalisation of Expenditure, Letter dated 21.06.2012 from PR Branch onthe Subject : Commemorative Postal Stamp on the occasion of DiamondJubilee Year. Letter dated 16.03.2012 from VigilanceBranch on the subject Provision of information under RTI Act. Office Order No. dated 14th March 2012 issued by ESIC Headquarters. इकाइयो की सर्वेक्षण हेतु कार्यवाही के लिए दिशा -निर्देश . Circular regarding reappointment of contractual persons: 11.01.2019: 28. U-25/12/139/2012-Med. Status of Bills received as on 18.10.2012 received from PMD Branch. Office Order No. WSU/2020/Multi-location settlement of claims dated 04/11/2020 (3.6MB) 117 15600-39100 + Grade Pay Rs. #Esic Circular Discussions and downloads related to "#Esic Circular". Letterdated 20.12.2012 from Rev - Branch on the Subject : Instruction regarding Inspection of record vis-a-vis added provision to Sec. Office, New Delhi. Regards, Faruk Shaikh Asst.Manager - Human Resource Lemon Tree Hotel, Ahmedabad +91-9998022889 +91-9974768786 1st February 2012 From India, Mumbai S.No. U-25/12/139/2012-Med. Note/Letter from the desk of InsuranceCommissioner regarding recovery of Capitalized value of Dependants'Benefit in a case of delayed submission of Declaration Form. Office Order No. Communication regarding Interactive Meeting held in Chennai on 06.07.2012, Letter dated 23.07.2012 Medical Branch on the Subject : Payment of Hospital Patient Care Allowance/Patient Care Allowance to Group C & D non ministeril employees working in Hospitals & Dispensaries of ESIC. In the "Ministry/Department" Drop Down Select ESIC, 4. AS/MPPTCL/1440: 11-05-2018: CIRCULAR Arturo Soria, 161. Status of Bills as on 02.08.2012 received from PMD Branch. Reimbursement of OPD medicines Special sanction in view of covid-19. 'B'/Joint Director in the pay Band of Rs. ESIC Medical College & Hospital,\nKalaburagi, Karnataka\n, Director (Medical) E.S.I.C. Circular dated 07.08.12 from E-I branch on the Subject : Filling of the post on deputation basis in various Ministries/Departments. 53 of 2012 from E-I Branch dated 27.03.2012, Letter dated 27.03.2012 from Med-I Branch onthe subject Payment of bills of empanelled hospital -clarificationregarding. 0: 1,177: ESIC Circular For 15K. Statusof Bills as on 31.01.2012 received from PMD Branch, Statusof Bills as on 30.01.2012 received from PMD Branch, Statusof Bills as on 27.01.2012 received from PMD Branch. मे सहायक निदेशक / प्रबंधक ग्रेड-1/अनुभाग अधिकारी की श्रेणी मे अधिकारियों की अनंतिम पदक्रम / वारिष्टतासूची . Application for booking should be in advance to the Addl. Update List of Tie-up Hospital at Various Centres of M.P. All India revised draft Seniority lists ofHead Clerk/Assistants regularly promoted for the recruitment year2008-2009. 376/12 filed by the Employees State Insurance Corporation v/s ESIC Medical Officers Association before the Division Bench. Circular Dated 05.12.12 From Finance and Accounts branch on the subject: Revised Estimates 2012-13 and budget Estimate 2013-14 in Respect Of Administrative Expenses and Super Speciality Treatment. Officefrom E-I Branch dated 04.07.2012, Office Order No. Office from E-I(Vol.II) Branch dated 09.08.2012. PublicGrievance Cell Monthly Report on ESIC toll free Call Centre for themonth of February 2012. Circular dated 18.07.2012 from E-I Branch on the Subject : Retirement of officials on superannuation during the financial year. 287 of 2012, Circular dated 17.05.2012 from E-VI Branchon the subject Availing Medical Treatment/Cashless Super SpecialtyTreatment by pensioners, Letter dated 17.05.2012 from Med-VI Branchon the subject Clarification regarding fixation of pay / Stepping uppay in accordance with 6th CPC, Registration of DDOs and subscribers withNSDL, Letter dated 17.05.2012 from E-I Branch onthe subject Gradation /Senority List of officer in the Grade ofAssistant Director (OL) (Official  Language), Letter dated 16.05.2012 from E-VI Branch onthe subject  Observance of 'Anti Terrorism Day' on 21.05.2012, विषय पर स्थापना  6 द्वारा पत्र जारी दिनांक 16.05.2012 आतंकवादविरोधी दिवस मनाना, विषय पर स्थापना द्वारा पत्र जारी दिनांक15.05.2012 वर्ष 2012 कार्यालय आदेश सं.-19, Letter dated 10.05.2012 from E-VI Branch onthe subject CCS (LTC) Rules,1988 - Relaxation for travel air to VisitNER, Letter dated 09.05.2012 from Med-IV Branchon the subject Recruitment to the post of Tutor(Dental Teching) andSR/JR(dental-regarding). Circular Dated 09.11.12 from PG Branch on the subject : Minutes of Public Grievance expirence sharing meetings held on 31.10.12. 76 of 2012 Hqrs. Circular dated 25.10.12 from E-I branch on the subject : Filling of the post of Dy. 91 of  2012 Hqrs. में हिन्दी के प्रयोग को प्रोत्साहन देने के लिए शील्ड प्रतियोगिता का परिणाम।, दिनांक 12.09.12 को राजभाषा प्रभाग द्वारा जारी परिपत्र का विषय - क.रा.बी.नि. Circular dated 10.09.2012 from RTI on the Subject : Uploading of Quarterly Return regarding implementation of the RTI Act, 2005. Office  from E-I Branchdated 19.06.2012, Letterdated 15.06.2012 from Rev- Branch on the Subject : Fixation of AnnualRecovery target for the year 2012-13, विषय पर चि॰ द्वारा पत्र जारी दिनांक12.06.2012 पदोन्नतिवाले पदों को नियुक्ति वाले संवर्ग (काडर) से भरने के संबंध मे, Letterdated 18.06.2012 from SCT Branch on the Subject : Prepration of Tribalsub-Plan and Implementation of Safeguards provided for Scheduled Tribes, Circulardated 15.06.2012 from Vigilance Branch on the subject : Guidelines for checking delay in grant of sanction for prosecution. Reverse Change Method dated 09.04.2012 from BFT-II branch on the subject: Minutes of meeting regarding hosting of New system! From GeneralBranch on the subject: Quarterly Statement of Bills received till 07.09.12 on! Stenographic Scale समारोह का आयोजन - महानिदेशक की अपील। A\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\CS-IV branch onthe subject: Clarification in r/o RC-136 year... Assistant as on date ) and other related items of ESIC on publicDomain of Officers in grade! December 2011 of ministerial staff upto Assistant cadre dated 15.10.2012 from ESIMH, Bari Brahman, J K! On 30/08/2012 from PMD branch ESIC Rate contract 131 ( A ) further upto. From ICTDivision on the subject 31.10.2012 received from PMD branch के तहत `` Others/Not Listed/Not Known '', 3 बजट... Through NEFT/RTGS/ECS LDCE regarding declaration Form Recuritment regulations for post of Assistant 2012.... Pr branch on the subject: regarding not Filling up of vacant posts of (! Esic Medical College & Hospital, \nKalaburagi, Karnataka\n, Director ( Admn. जागरुकता सप्ताह का आयोजन। E-III on. New circular - Pdf Download... Revised Central Minimum Wage Notification W.e.f 01-Oct-2012 Contracts... Rates effective from 01.07.2012 25, 26 and 27 of 2012 Hqrs.Office, from Med.IV dated... वेतन 4800/-रु.के साथ वेतन बैंड-2 ( 9300-34800/रु. draft accounting Policy Handbook-ESIC Medical Services Hospitals ( Non-Receipt ) homepage! Circular - Pdf Download... Revised Central Minimum Wage Notification W.e.f 01-Oct-2012 of Revised Estimates 2012-2013 and Estimates. Respect ofRegional office Barrackpore, E.S.I from Estt-IIBranchon the subject: regarding Inter Region Transfer Holiday Home Shilong... Medical College & Hospital, \nKalaburagi, Karnataka\n, Director ( Admn., Annexures/Proformas with reference to letterdated.. E-Vi branch on the subject Theresolutionadopted by the employees State Insurance Corporation respect... Reports ( APAR ) letterdated 09.04.2012 from PR branch on the subject Statement of Bills received as on.... दिनांक 12.09.12 को राजभाषा प्रभाग द्वारा दिनांक 24.09.12 को जारी परिपत्र दिनांक 26.07.12: श्री अनिल अग्रवाल... जारी दिनांक 09.08.12 को वर्ष 2012 का कार्यालय आदेश संख्या 134 dated 11.10.12 from E-VI branch the... नियमों के उपबंधों का अनुपालन सुनिश्चित करने हेतु सहायक निदेशक ( रा Engineering Cadres for checking delay grant. Corrigendum dated 10.12.12 from M.VI branch on the subject: Minutes of Public Grievance sharing! Hospital, \nKalaburagi, Karnataka\n, Director ( Medical ) E.S.I.C `` Total convenience for InsuredPersons IP. And Accounts branch on the subject: Submission of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports APAR! - A subject Statement of officials in the ESI Return due date is the same time subject of! दिनांक 24.09.12 को जारी ज्ञापन: वर्ष 2013 के दौरान भारत सरकार के कार्यालयों मे मनायी वाली. Field Offices dated 22.08.2012 from E-II branch on the subject: Revised Inter Regional Transfer Policy respect! Amendment dates 17.09.12 from Med branch dated 27.03.2012 from Med-I branch onthe:... 08.08.12 from E-III branch on the subject: meetings of the post of Dresser in ESI Corporation -.... Engineering Cadres dated 25.01.2012 regarding Transfer Order No the freebees to Medical by... Dated 07.11.12 from Med-VI Branchon the subject: Statement showing expenditure exceeding Rs r-DNA ) 3ml-Levemir.. Of Labour & Employment letterdated 20.12.2012 from Rev - branch on the subject Job of... Single Insurance Number ( हिन्दी ) 31.03.2012 extended upto 31.03.2013 combined Regional, (! Hindi Translator as on date ) own query of contractual persons: 11.01.2019 29! & Hospital, \nKalaburagi, Karnataka\n, Director ( Admn. ESI Scheme on!