How We’re Different

Fulton Communications considers Risk Communications as:

Planning and executing communications with any stakeholder or stakeholder group on any issue that impacts your organizational mission.
This includes skills training for 3 Arenas: 

Our training is tailored to your needs. Ours is a non “cookbook” approach with little emphasis on PowerPoint lectures.
The entire training focuses on your communications issues with your stakeholders.
The training involves role-playing for your potentially most challenging situations. The trainers will first role-play those situations for you.
The training can include individual attention.
The training provides skills and tools that meet individual unique needs that the attendees can then take back and apply to their workplace.

The agendas are flexible and aimed at the attendees’ needs.

We will demonstrate various tools that include:
12 Generic Steps and Guidelines and how it applies to each individual’s unique situations.


Fulton Communications provides consulting and facilitation both nationally and internationally.

Hands On Learning

Fulton Communications provides hands on training using real situations the attendees bring to the workshops.

Training Workshops

All workshops are specific to attendees issues and situations while learning the basics of risk communication.

Risk Communications

Our curriculum design includes realistic simulations require planning and communication skills. Each simulation includes dozens of stakeholders, internal and external, that are based on real situations. In the simulation the instructors role-play each of the stakeholders which include a variety of personalities, positions, emotions and agendas

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